Indiana Envirothon

Envirothon is a competitive learning event for high school-aged students. Envirothon tests the student's knowledge of environmental resources including soils, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues. "Like" the Indiana Envirothon on Facebook and check out
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How Envirothon works

Teams of five students, representing a school or organization, compete by answering questions and by studying resource problems in each of the five environmental areas. Before the competition, students study, with their advisors, to develop a greater understanding the environment.

At the Envirothon competition, students test their knowledge under the supervision of environmental instructors. Students use teamwork to develop creative solutions to environmental problems.

2014 Indiana Envirothon Resources

All are PDF documents

Indiana Academic Standards

Updated links:

1. FNR-34-W is no longer available
FNR-178-W can now be found here 

3. Soil Biology: Key Educational Messages
4. Urban Soil Primer

5. Study Guide for Hunter Education Certificate—Unit 9:  Understanding Wildlife—all 4 topics
6. Species Guide Index

Current Issue 

Indiana's regional competition begins in March:

Southwest ~ Tuesday, March 11
Pike County 4-H Fairgrounds, Hornaday Park (Petersburg)

Coordinator: Jeri Ziliak e-mail: jeri.ziliak@in.nacdnet.net
Fax: 855-408-4686

North Central ~ Wednesday, March 12
Camp Buffalo (Buffalo)
Coordinator: Darci Zolman
e-mail: darci.zolman@in.nacdnet.net

East Central ~ Tuesday, March 18
Hayes Arboretum (Richmond)
Coordinator: LuAnne Holeva
e-mail: luanne.holeva@in.nacdnet.net

Fax: 855-391-1922

South Central ~ Wednesday, March 19
Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds (Bedford)
Coordinator: Michael Wilhite
e-mail: michael.wilhite@in.nacdnet.net
Fax: 855-391-1913
Northwest ~ Thursday, March 20
Red Mill County Park (LaPorte)
Coordinator: Nicole Messacar
e-mail: nmessacar@LaPorteCounty.org
Northeast ~ Thursday, March 20
Peabody Library (Columbia City)
Coordinator: Nadean Lamle
email: nadean.eldien@in.nacdnet.net
Fax: 855-358-2670

2014 Indiana State Contest
Wednesday, April 30

Beck Agricultural Center (West Lafayette, Indiana)
Coordinator: Darci Zolman
e-mail: darci.zolman@in.nacdnet.net
Local Coordinator: Leah Harden
e-mail: leah.harden@in.nacdnet.net
Phone: 765-659-1223 ext. 3

North American Envirothon
Envirothon logoEach year, Envirothon provides more and more students with a chance to get "up-close and personal" with North America's natural resources. Envirothon offers both in-class curriculum and hands-on field experiences focused around ecology, natural resource management and current environmental issues. This unique combination of learning experiences and breadth of study is part of what has made the Envirothon a huge success with students and educators across the United States and Canada.

To learn more about the North American Envirothon, explore the information and resources available on their website. If you have additional questions or require information, contact Clay Burns, executive director; North American Envirothon, P.O. Box 23005, Jackson, MS 39225 (601) 354-6213 or (866) 854-2898.

NACD Stewardship & Education

2014 Poster Contest Information

The NACD sponsors the annual poster contest. Find more information about the 2014 contest as well as learn about past contests, themes, and winners on their site.

For information about the state-level poster contest, go here.

More Education Resources from NACD

Annual Photo Contest

Educational Resources
, including a library sorted by topic, soil health videos, and conservation clip art.

NACD Marketplace

Indiana Envirothon Supporters

  • The Indiana Association of
    Soil and Water Conservation Districts;
  • IASWCD Auxiliary;
  • Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.;
  • Hoosier National Forest; and
  • Environmental Education Association of Indiana
    are proud to sponsor Indiana Envirothon.

Indiana State Envirothon Committee Information

Meeting Minutes from the State Committee

  • >> Aug. 29, 2012
  • >> Envirothon Bylaws Update
  • >> Envirothon Handbook

Darci Zolman, President
Kosciusko County SWCD
574-267-7445, ext. 3

Brad Rody, Vice President
Chairperson of Appeals Committee
Ind. Dept. of Natural Resources

Jeri Ziliak
Secretary / Treasurer, Posey County SWCD
812-838-4191, ext. 3

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